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The main orthodontic associations recommend making the first visit to the orthodontist's office before seven years of age . It is from the age of six when the first permanent molars erupt and the basic structure of the bite is formed, so it is the ideal time to detect if there is any alteration that can interfere with the normal development of the child's mouth.

Although at such an early age it is unlikely that it will be necessary to start orthodontic treatment to correct the position of the teeth, it may be time to start treatment that allows correcting occlusal alterations.

If these alterations are not detected and put to an end in time, skeletal problems such as facial asymmetries or malocclusions may occur, which in most cases lead to muscle and joint pain and aesthetic problems .

The importance of orthopedic treatments

If the orthodontist detects alterations in the growth of the child's mouth, it is very important to correct them through orthopedic or orthodontic treatments, which guarantee us, in most cases, a very favorable result with the use of simple appliances , very little treatment time and low cost.

If we don't put an end to these problems, When the child is an adult, they will need much more complex, long and expensive treatments , such as orthognathic surgery, tooth extractions and dental implants and prostheses.

The first visit to the orthodontist

In the first visit to the consultation, the orthodontist will carry out a preliminary assessment of the state of the teeth and the mouth in general, supported by a clinical examination, a radiographic study and some molds made in plaster. This way you can check the state of the roots of the teeth and their shape and position relative to the adjacent bones, to assess whether there is any alteration.

Thanks to all these records it will be possible to elaborate a skeletal, dental and facial diagnosis so, once the problems are detected, propose the most appropriate treatment plan and be able to predict the results.

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